About Us



Our Story:

In May 2009, a student and advisor at Pima Community College (PCC) in Tucson, AZ, established a resource list to provide college scholarships to all students, regardless of immigration status.  After discussions with other undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Arizona and PCC, ScholarshipsA-Z was created. Since launching its website (www.scholarshipsaz.org) on September 29, 2009, the team has grown in size and impact across institutions in several states including Arizona, Georgia, and California.

Our Mission:

To provide resources and scholarships to students, families, and educators through online and community interactions, in order to make higher education accessible to all regardless of immigration status.

Our Vision:

We believe everyone deserves the right to attain a higher education, regardless of their immigration status. We envision a society where students receive mentorship, educational, and financial resources needed to successfully pursue a degree that aligns with their abilities and career aspirations. We organize outreach activities and provide scholarships, resources, and advising that empowers community leaders and families to reform laws that block access to educational opportunities.

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