Ana PicAna Hernandez-Zamudio

Position: Dream Educational Empowerment Program Coordinator
Phone: (520) 201-3663

About Me:

My name is Ana Hernandez-Zamudio and I am a student at the University of Arizona who has “todas las ganas” to break barriers and help those around me. Growing up I experienced many things that at the time did not fully make sense to me. When I was 7 and my mother told me that we were moving to Tucson, AZ I didn’t know that she was talking about a different city in a completely different country. (I thought she was talking about the blue edificio down the road). When I was 12 my sister had to go back to Mexico to continue her education because it was too expensive for here here. When I was 13 my oldest brother was deported. When I was 17 my mother was detained by ICE. When I was 18 I realized that for many college was really just a dream because legislation like Prop 300 made it so.

I am a part of this organization because I believe that families should not be separated by a wall and because students, regardless of their immigration status, should be able to obtain an affordable education.

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