Ana Rodriguez


ARPosition: Communications Director

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Education: Pima Community College 2015

My name is Ana Rodriguez, and I am currently 22 years old. I was born in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, and migrated to the United States at the age of 8.We came to U.S. looking for a better life. This to us also meant a better education.  I have been on my higher education journey since 2011, when I decided that I would leave to Mexico, in order to attain a bachelor’s degree in engineering. After a conversation with my mother, we came to the decision that I would give it one more year until I decided leave or stay in the United States, depending on how immigration policies looked at this point; a year after, DACA was announced, and for the first time in my life I was able to see a future in the United States. I decided to continue my education, which I had put on hold until this point. I was able graduate with my bachelor’s in engineering on May 2015. I was able to get my associates degree, through scholarships, working odd jobs, ScholarshipsA-Z, and the support of the family. I was again faced with the reality that I did not have enough money to continue my education, at the 3 public universities in Arizona due to the fact that I was being forced to pay out of state tuition. Thus I began working on a campaign to get instate tuition for DACA students on February of 2015. Due to the court decision with respect to Maricopa Community College and community pressure we were able to get instate tuition for DACA students on May of 2015. Although my higher education had never seemed more attainable than now, reality set in that I simply did not have the amount of money necessary to continue my higher education. Thus conversations began around transferring to a university, and it being a joint effort among the leadership in ScholarshipsA-Z. We are looking for the support of the community, in order to better our Tucson community. We want to attain an education, and give back in whichever way possible, and in order to achieve this we need your help. I need your help to become a mechanical engineer that focuses on renewable technologies. You can be part of the education of our community, and together we can create lasting change within Tucson.

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