Danilo Andrade


11709579_852457304809596_7055274758769488684_nPosition: Scholarship Coordinator

Major: Electrical Engineering

Education: Pima Community College 2014

I was born on August 18, 1994 in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. I lived in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico for eight years. Cananea is a mining town in which there is a copper mine and my dad is an electrical engineer. He was a superintendent of the mine and in 1999 the price of copper decreased. Due to this, the mine had to lay off many people and so my dad was laid off. He worked on his own for a while until one day he decided to go to the United States of America. We then later came to Tucson, Arizona to live with him. I started 4th grade at Safford Elementary School here, I knew some English because I was enrolled in a bilingual private school in Cananea but I managed to quickly learn the language. At this time even though I did not know English very well I always managed to earn good grades. Due to this, my 5th grade teacher at C.E. Rose Elementary School signed me up to take the Gifted and Talented Education test. I enrolled in bilingual Gifted and Talented Education throughout all of middle school at Pistor Middle School. I then enrolled in the honors program at Tucson High Magnet School throughout all of high school.

Throughout all my life I have always done my best in school and have succeeded academically. I remember that during my freshman year of high school my conceptual physics teacher said that if you get As and Bs in your math and science classes you can get a full ride scholarship to the University of Arizona. I took this to heart and always did my best throughout high school. In high school, councelors and teachers would also always tell you that universities want well rounded students with good grades. During my sophomore year I started playing both club and high school soccer. I played soccer throughout the rest of my high school career. During my junior year I was selected to become a math tutor, I went to several workshops and eventually became a math tutor. During my junior and senior year I helped many students with their math homework. Throughout high school I was also selected four times as the student of the quarter. I also received many awards. It was not until my senior year that it hit me, due to my undocumented status I was not able to obtain any scholarships to the University of Arizona. All of my hard work was worthless, my dream of going to the University of Arizona had been destroyed and it was all because I got here when I was eight years old.

Luckily during my senior year my councelors were able to connect me with Matt Matera, the director of ScholarshipsA-Z. ScholarshipsA-Z is an organization that helps all students go to college regardless of their immigration status. I started going to the ScholarshipsA-Z meetings and with the help of Matt and other people I started applying for private scholarships. I finished high school with a 3.98 GPA and a class rank of 8 out of 622. Fortunately, all my hard work was not worthless, thanks to everything I did I was able to obtain some scholarships and I was able to continue my education. I graduated from Pima Community College with high honors and an Associate of Science in May 2014. However due to the fact that we had to pay out of state tuition at the University of Arizona I decided to still go to Pima Community College as a part time student for another year and finished with a 3.79 GPA. I also started working as a math, chemistry, and physics tutor at the Pima Community College West Campus Learning Center. I am now the Scholarships Committee Coordinator within ScholarshipsA-Z. Discipline, determination, and desire are what it takes to be successful. I know that by continuing to work hard I will continue to be successful. I am currently a Dream Summer intern at ScholarshipsA-Z. I will be enrolling at the University of Arizona in the fall 2015. I have had two jobs and have applied to scholarships. I will one day also graduate from the University of Arizona and I will become an electrical and computer engineer with a minor in math.

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