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ScholarshipsA-Z understands that teachers, counselors, and advisors influence students' educational futures on a daily basis. Here are some tools to help you create a more inclusive environment for your students, regardless of their immigration status.

Did you attend the Arizona Dream Conference?

Were you at the Arizona Dream Conference and need the resources that were provided there for all educators? We have put together a goody pack for all educators that attended and did not attend the conference. Click here to view and be able to download all the documents you need to make your school a more friendly environment for undocumented students.

Become a Community Mentor

No one goes to college alone. Students need strong support networks of family, friends, and community leaders who can help them achieve their educational goals. Become a Mentor

Creating a More Inclusive Environment for All Students

Resources from Around the U.S. to Support Undocumented Students
How to Support College-Bound Undocumented Students (PDF)
Top 10 Ways to Help Undocumented Students (PDF)
More Tips From E4FC
Tips from Teaching Tolerance

Academic Support for Your Students

Scholarship Application Tools for Your Students (Word Doc) or (PDF)
Scholarship Page
Khan Academy (FREE video tutorials on academic subjects)

Resources to Support First-Generation College Students

Finding Their Way by Dr. Karrie Mitchell
Advising at-risk students in college and university settings
Appreciative Advising by Lindsay Reitmeier Hall

More ScholarshipsA-Z Resources

Comprehensive Resource Guide
ScholarshipsA-Z Brochure English (PDF)    Español (PDF)
What can STUDENTS find on our site?

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