pacoFrancisco Salcido

Position: Student Committee Director
Phone: (520) 445-5349

About Me: Born and half raised in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, I moved to Tucson Arizona when I was eleven years old and in 5th grade. I am a passionate 22 year old student in college on my way to medical school. Knowing that I was undocumented since such a young age prepared me for the many road-blocks I would encounter growing up in the United States system we migrated to. Throughout school many opportunities were either inaccessible or turned away because I was undocumented. I have been part of ScholarshipsA-Z for two years now and have become the School Outreach Coordinator to fulfill our mission on providing resources to students, parents and educators regardless of immigration status. As I myself take on my academic goals, I also work really close with my team to take a stance on the other side and educate our educators. From principals, counselors, to teachers, staff and everything in between, educators should be able to tell a student they can follow their dreams and be whomever they wish regardless of their immigration status. I did not have such support, but many now do thanks to collective organizing and climate change through activism and institutional awareness.

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