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Jesus Lucero

Jesus Lucero at Pheonix rally Aug. 22, 2017

Position: Communications Co-Director
Phone: (520)344-0011

About Me: I was born in Nacozari de García, Sonora and moved to Tucson, Arizona as a toddler. I had yet to start school when I moved to Tucson and therefore American schooling is all that I know. I am currently undocumented and I did not qualify for DACA. I have been with ScholarshipsA-Z since halfway through my senior year in high school. I realized that the school did nothing to provide support for undocumented students. With the help of a SA-Z member, I was able to be connected with the group to provide the support I never received. Everyone should have the right to an education and I contribute how I can to make that possible.

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