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Parents, Guardians & Families

ScholarshipsA-Z believes that parents, guardians, and families play an integral role in helping students attend and graduate from college. Here are some tools to help you better support your student before and during college, regardless of his/her immigration status.

Quick Facts:

Students in most states cannot be denied admission to a college or university based on their immigration status.

General Resources (PDF). Know your rights as a parent/guardian and learn basic scholarship vocabulary.

High School and College Resources (PDF). Use these resources to help your student prepare for college while in high school. Learn about college entrance exams, common myths about college, and private colleges.

Paying for Your Education (PDF). Going to college is expensive, but there is money available for your student. Check out these resources to learn ways to pay for tuition.

Tips to Support Your Student

Try these resources to help guide your student through college.
College Parent Central

What is a Course Syllabus?

Connect Your Student to Campus Resources

How Are College & High School Different?

ScholarshipsA-Z Resources:

Scholarships Page

Comprehensive Resource Guide

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