ScholarshipsA-Z provides resources to students, parents, and educators, regardless of immigration status.

ScholarshipsA-Z Resources

Comprehensive Resource Guide. Keep this powerful resource on your desk as a reference. It combines resources from the U.S. Government, colleges, universities, providers of financial aid, and other outside agencies to help you learn more about graduating from high school, knowing your rights, finding scholarships, and more. 

ScholarshipsA-Z Brochure   English(PDF)   Spanish(PDF)

Easy to hand out. A good place to start.  This resource will give you some basic and important information about going to college.

Scholarship List Updated monthly, our scholarship list will connect you directly with new funding opportunities available for you to afford your education.

Programs We Offer Invite ScholarshipsA-Z to your classroom, school, or organization. We provide webinars, workshops, and presentations to meet your specific needs so we continue to make higher education accessible to all students.

Additional Community Resources

Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC)


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