Scholarship applications and resumes can be hard to write. Here are some tutorials to help you start. Watch the videos. Use the resources. ScholarshipsA-Z is here to help. If you want one of our team members to help revise your work, contact us

Scholarships listed on our site are organized by DUE DATE and updated monthly.

Scholarship Basics

What you should know about scholarships (timelines, letters of recommendation, requirements).

Download these PDFs for tips on scholarship applications and writing personal statements:

Scholarship Basics

Applying for Scholarships

Take Advantage of High School

Your success in high school can help determine your success in college. Check out one of our student’s recommendations to be successful in high school.

Download this year by year high school plan to prepare for college:

High School Advantage

Writing a Resume

Creating a resume takes time, but it will save you more time when you need to use this information to apply for scholarships or jobs.

Download this PDF for help on writing a resume:

Writing a Resume

Also, check out Resume Tips from the University of Arizona.

Additional Resources

Check out our Students page for more resources.

Find FREE video tutorials on different school subjects from Khan Academy

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