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ScholarshipsA-Z believes that all students have the right to attend college, regardless of immigration status. Here are some tools to help you apply, attend, and graduate from college.

College Info

Signup to meet with a Community Mentor who can help you achieve your goals.

Start a Student Group at your school through our School Outreach Project.

Want to transfer to a university, but not sure how? Check out our UndocuTransfer Guide specifically for undocumented students. (PDF)

General Resources to help you know your rights as a student. (PDF)

Sample Scholarship Essays that helped a student win over $1,000 in scholarships.(PDF)

High School and College Resources to help you prepare for and succeed in college. (PDF)

Ways to Pay for Your Education to help make college less expensive. (PDF)

Applying for Scholarships (PDF)   Applying for Scholarships (Word Doc)
There are scholarships available for you. Applying can be easy when you use our resources to answer common application questions, organize your application, write a personal statement, and find letters of recommendation.

Health Resources

Undocuhealth - Mental health resources for undocumented youth provided by the National Immigrant Youth Alliance.

Take the UCLA Peer Counseling Program Survey, part of a yearlong pilot program that addresses the mental and emotional needs of immigrant youth

More ScholarshipsA-Z Resources:

Scholarships List (PDF)

Comprehensive Resource Guide

Brochure (English PDF)    Brochure (Español PDF)

Additional Community Resources:

Regional College Access Center (Tucson, AZ ONLY)

Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC)

Keeping the Dream Alive: Resource Guide for Undocumented Students (PDF - Published by NCLR)

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