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IMPORTANT: President Trump continues to implement and remove federal policies and executive orders that endanger the safety and well-being of undocumented and DACAmented immigrants, refugees, and their families. Educators and education institutions must show they are WITH undocumented students & families, and all of our communities who are marginalized by the policies.
Here are some ways to show your support and protect immigrant students & families:

ScholarshipsA-Z understands that teachers, counselors, and advisers influence students’ educational futures on a daily basis. Here are some tools to help you create a more inclusive environment for your students, regardless of their immigration status.

Download our resource kit, which includes:

  • Guide on how to apply to AZ universities as a DACA student
  • What is DACA?
  • 7 reasons to advocate for undocumented students
  • 10 ways to build your skills as an advocate for undocumented students
  • U.S. Dept of Education Resource Guide: Supporting Undocumented Youth
  • Important immigration and education vocabulary & legislation

What can you do you show you are WITH & FOR undocumented students?

Creating a More Inclusive Environment for All Students

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