“As an attorney who volunteers and supports ScholarshipsA-Z I can state without hesitation that it is one of the best grassroots organizations in Arizona.  ScholarshipsA-Z provides a means to empower young, aspiring undocumented students to access higher education and the ability to fulfill their goals in life.  I truly look forward to seeing these students continue to enter the U.S. workforce and make vital changes in science, technology, arts, business and public policy.”

– Mo G., Immigration Attorney

“Being a part of ScholarshipsA-Z’s Educators Committee has made me more accountable and provided me with the resources to better serve students at my school as a college adviser. Their support has also helped me build a better culture of support for undocumented students and I know that this couldn’t have been possible without them.”

– Denise R., College Adviser

“I can sleep better at night, knowing my teen has someone she can contact for help. Until I learned about ScholarshipsA-Z, I was at a bit of a loss in learning how to assist her. I now have a better understanding about some of the difficulties these students encounter…”

– Susan M., High School Teacher

“I became fearful and anxious. I learned I was not able to get a license, a proper job, or a proper education because of my status. I was different… I began facing my fear by asking questions and I felt I was getting nowhere quick, but slowly began to think of college again because I had found ScholarshipsA-Z.”

– Daniel S., Community College Student

“I support ScholarshipsA-Z because I think the future of our nation depends on having young people who are educated and have access to the kinds of careers they’re passionate about.”

– Erica F., High School Counselor

ScholarshipsA-Z, to me, means hope… hope for everyone regardless of who you are and what your immigration status is.”

– Christian T., Community College Student

“My students were extremely moved by the passion and the commitment of ScholarshipsA-Z to support individual students and work towards creating an education system that is more accessible to everyone. I don’t know of any other organization doing the incredible work that ScholarshipsA-Z is doing.”

– Margi A.D., Program Coordinator of Borderlinks

“My mom has taught me that acquiring a higher education would help me succeed in life. I think that if I really want to achieve my objectives I have to fight for them. Fortunately, the existence of an organization such as ScholarshipsA-Z has given me the only chance of attending college.”

– Alexis G., High School Student

“I’m not afraid to hear a ‘No’ from someone because I know that someone else will say, ‘Yes.’ I know if I get the opportunity I can make a huge difference in my community. ScholarshipsA-Z is giving me that opportunity.”

– Anisa R., College Student

“I showed my student your website, went through the scholarships list and looked at the requirements. His face lit up like you couldn’t believe. He said he was going to do better in school to raise his GPA to have more opportunities. I could see the hope in his eyes and he walked a little taller on the way out. So, your website has helped out a student I personally know. Thanks for your hard work.”

– Karen R., Outreach Program Coordinator

“I am so excited for my student. Now that she knows about ScholarshipsA-Z, she has someone she can depend on to help with her questions and with her journey in attaining a college education.”

– James P., High School Guidance Counselor

“During those times of desperation, ScholarshipsA-Z flew right in and saved my day. Everything from the scholarship list to the tutorials truly provides me with a few important resources. Without ScholarshipsA-Z, I wouldn’t be a college student right now. This organization is more than just words on a website, and that is admirable.”

– Antonio C., Community College Student

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